How To Quit

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So you want to quit?

You want to get out of your horrible opiate \ pain killer addiction?  Great!  Because that is the first step.

Before I go into how to quit doing pain killers or other opiates, there are two things that have a big impact on how hard it will be to quit.  They are:

1) How long and how frequently you have been doing pain killers\opiates.

2) What kind of pain killers or opiates you were\are doing.


I'm not sure which pain killers or opiates are the hardest to quit, but obviously the longer you have been doing it the harder it will be to quit.  These drugs actually chemically change your brain if you do them long enough (I believe after 2 years).

OK, so how to quit.

I already told you the most important aspect to quitting pain killers or opiates.

You almost HAVE to want to quit.

I also personally would not have been able to quit without suboxone, but that's just me.

Now I will list a bunch of things that will also help you quit...

  • Get rid of your cell phone, and all drug connection numbers.
  • Stay away from people who do the drugs (your friends) - this one really sucks and is real hard, because these are often your best friends.
  • Enter rehab (I know I don't need it.  Enter a rehab with a good attitude and it will do wonders for you).
  • MOVE!  Get out of the area you are contains all kinds of triggers you almost CAN'T avoid.
  • Avoid triggers that you can avoid (only you know your triggers).
  • Don't drink alcohol (I know it sucks).  I can't tell you how many times I had quit for extended periods only to have it ruined by my impaired judgement...because of alcohol.

These were the most important things that helped me quit...along with WANTING to quit like no other.

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