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Methadone is a very controversial drug that I was once myself against.  It is a form of opiate that comes in either "biscuits" or in a liquid for which you drink, as you can see above.

Methadone is basically the last resort for people addicted to opiates.  It is for those people who have been to rehab and failed time and time again.  It is for those people that have tried suboxone and failed.  It is for the people who have tried everything in the book and have failed.  Like myself.

Now, methadone is a VERY strong drug.  The withdrawal from methadone is actually WORSE than the addiction from pain killers or heroin.  It lasts about 30 days (and I'm talking about only the worst of the symptoms, small symptoms can go much longer).  Opposed to heroin or pain killer withdrawal which usually lasts a week or so (again the worst of the symptoms).

Methadone is very tough to get on, and usually you must have proof that you have been to rehabs, and tried multiple different things to quit.  Often you have to have been on opiates for 2 or more years to get on the methadone also.  I am not a doctor, so I do not know completely what methadone is made of, but I believe that it is a man made opiate, that is very pure.

So what is the point of substituting an illegal opiate with a legal opiate?  I myself never got this, even as an opiate addict.  That is until I got on it.

First of all, the methadone doses are closely monitored.  You are getting it prescribed from a doctor rather than off the street.  There is not the chance that all kinds of different cuts, or chemicals, or other drugs are added in.  You know exactly what you are getting when you take methadone, unlike drugs you get on the street which can kill you much easier.

With methadone you only take it once a day, and your dose is always the same once you stabalize.  When you are using pills and heoin, you are using as much as you can, as much as you can afford.  You are much much MUCH more likely to get a lethal dose off of the street.  You are also much more likely, and actually almost guaranteed, to use more than once a day.

Methadone is a medicine, taken once a day under strict supervision.  It costs $4 a day, rather than spending hundreds of dollars a day on illegal drugs.  You don't run the chance of getting arrested for buying illegal drugs.  You get a counselor and the chance to go to group meetings.

I don't expect those who are not opiate addicts to understand the whole concept of methadone.  I can't say that I would even understand it if I were not a recovering addict who was on methadone.  But methadone literally saved my life.  I am convinced that I would be dead without methadone.

Since taking methadone I have saved TONS of money.  I have started a VERY successful business, and kept it up.  I have gotten much closer with my family.  My head is clear and I am on the path to achieving my long term goals.  I am driven and determined.

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