What To Look For

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Afraid that someone that you love or care for may be addicted to pain killers or some other form of opiate?

I have some advice for you.

And remember that this is coming from someone who hid his addiction from his closest friends and family for YEARS.


Here are some of the top things to look for:

1) Small pupils.  Small pupils could mean that they are on some other form of drug also...but dilated pupils are one of the biggest giveaways to someone who is on drugs.

2) Constant change in mood.  If the person goes from being happy to being very aggitated on an hourly or daily basis, be careful.

3) If the person lives with you and they go out for maybe a half hour or an hour (even a couple hours sometimes) - careful!  In this case ask them where they went and you can often tell if they are lying or not by how they answer you, where they went.

4) This goes hand in hand with #2.  If they talk a lot and seem real open sometimes, and at other times are real quiet and seem depressed.

5) Nose is stuffed more than it should be...many people who do pills sniff them so this is something good to look for.  Not all people who do pills sniff them, so this will not show with everyone.  Also those that sniff heroin, this will happen with them.  For those that shoot heroin, look for track marks on inside of elbows, fingers, toes.

6) If you have access to phone records of the person...repeated phone calls to the same number within a short period of time...multiple times.  Let me explain: Call 1: No Answer, Call 2: Answer...you good with drugs?  Yes...ok be there in 20 mins, Call 3: Yo I'm here...ok be right out, Call 4: Where you at I been waiting 20 mins...     get the point?   Multiple calls to same number in short amount of time.

7) Again if the person lives with you many times pills are stored in cellaphane (the bottom wrapper to cigarrettes).  If you find these around (and often in cars) this is a warning sign.  Mostly only drug addicts have use for the cellaphane on cigarrette packs.  Also many people "seal" the cellaphane with a lighter.  So they will take off the cellaphane, put in the pills, and then pull the opening down and put a lighter up to it to seal it.  Look for that also.

8) If someone was very active and no longer doing physical activities.  For example, stopped going to the gym.

9) Lots of laying down and weird sleepm patterns.

If there are anymore that anyone wants to contribute that are big signs that I may have forgot to list please send them to me.  I took most of these (actually all of them I think) from my personal experience of being an opiate addict.

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